26 August 2009

5 Red Ribbons in my Cornucopia

My cornucopia is filled with things to be grateful for, and this past month has filled it to the brim and to overflowing. Since near the end of July and up through the month of August David & I have been so blessed to be able to visit with people we love, enjoy their company and travel safely~back and forth, to home again.

The last part of July and early August was a fun time for me as I fulfilled a small dream I've had of entering exhibits in a fair for display and also competition...yes, I'm a competitive type! :-) The California Mid-State Fair was the venue, and I have a couple of friends who especially encouraged and inspired me to participate this year. So I did! I crocheted and rubber stamped to my heart's content for a couple of weeks after Spring quarter ended, and this is what I came up with...

My medium sized afghan (approx. 36"x 50"):

A pillow, inspired by my sister, Amy:

A handy, dandy potholder (Thanks for showing me how, Renee!):

A notecard:

And...my Greeting Card:

Then...I had to drop off my projects late in June and didn't see them again until we went to the fair to find out how I did in the competitions. The displays were awesome, well organized by theme and color. They were, however, difficult to find things by competition category, so that made it like a scavenger hunt~fun! :-) I did look for the winners in all the categories I entered, but didn't find all of them.

I was so excited to see what comes next...here they are in the order I found them:

I especially enjoy the time to be creative, but it is fun and exciting to see...5 (FIVE!) RED RIBBONS!!! Yippee!!!

Lost & Found: A Dear Friend

I found THIS* particularly profound as I reconnected with a dear friend from my childhood...today!

So, I thought I would share it with you...and hope for you to feel the wonder of reconnecting with someone who possesses a heart string that hasn't been plucked in a long while!


*P.P. (Post-Post note): I have learned that all the statements in this video are not entirely correct. Here is some more information. Still, I feel that the scenes in the video speak perfectly the message I sought to share in this post.