18 August 2010

Life is interesting...

...in so many ways.

If you are reading this you probably know the /interesting/ situation David & I are in at this point in our lives. We are college graduates looking for a career job so we can lay down roots and move on in the great & spectacular experience that is mortality. Is this what purgatory is supposed to be like--suspenseful waiting in between opportunities? We are not at university anymore, but we haven't gotten into the next stage either, so I guess we're like monkeys swinging from branch to branch and the swing between seems to be going in slow motion. Interesting because I have found myself--many times--wishing time would go a little or a lot slower than I was experiencing it, so that it could be enjoyed and relished more. Now with some things in life having slowed down, I'm finding that I need to take the time to learn what I need to learn, and take advantage of how time is behaving during this period of our lives. Please don't get me wrong, time still seems to fly too fast as it chases lightning, but time in between opportunities is lengthened. So it has not only slowed down in a way, it also manages to fly by. Such is time.

Well, the best parts of being in this slow-mo swing is having time to be together at hours that are typically spent in offices, and having time to spend with family, whom we rarely got to spend much quality time with in our hectic student lives. We are grateful for the love, time and space generously offered and given by our family and friends. So, we are grateful and we are striving to move forward on a path that will bring the greatest benefit and joy to all that we know and love, and those we have yet to meet.

In the meantime I think we are in a way learning more about each other now than during our first year of marriage. While we adjusted quickly to being married students, and I didn't see how that could be our 'hardest' year, there are things we are still learning about each other and I am grateful for the chance. My husband is a wonderful man and person as a whole, and the more I come to understand him the more I come to love him. Interesting, because my love does increase as well as grow deeper than I could have imagined earlier in our life together--when we got married, for example. My mind is boggled at how great our love can be in the years to come.

Additionally, I feel that we are learning--or have the opportunity to learn--important lessons about life, the gospel and priorities as we strive to move forward at this point, hopefully gaining wisdom along life's piquant journey.

With love.

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  1. Glad to hear you are taking time for the things you want to be doing! We miss you!!