06 December 2010

Where's the Line...

"Where is the Line to See Jesus" is a touching song. The young boy calls to each of us through the singer, with his angelic message, asking what our priorities are this Christmas season. May it touch your heart and encourage the best Christmas season yet for you...in your heart, because that is truly where Christmas is celebrated, and if we do it right it will show in our words and actions. I believe that we can stand in each line--one for Christ, and one for Santa Clause--and live consistently in this Christmas season. The key is to have our priorities in order.

Elder Marvin J. Ashton once said, "The best and most clear indicator that we are progressing spiritually and coming unto Christ is the way we treat other people." I believe this is true, and is a good measure of how we celebrate the birth of The Savior of all mankind. There is no "...during Christmas time" at the end of this statement, but I think that if we treat people how The Savior of all mankind would--all year round--then we would really know what the Spirit of Christmas truly is...the Spirit of Christ.

I hope you enjoy this music...and realize that we each have a direct 'line' in front of our Savior. He is ever there, for each of us, and it is our opportunity to seek him. Wise men still do. He is not far away, only as far as your desire to reach him.

With love.

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